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Warren, Michigan

Amazing Town of Warren

Being born in Warren, Michigan has multiple views some see it as the snowy state where there is always snow however, some people see it as home as I did for a long time. I left the city when I was about eight years old. We moved to San Diego and that has been my home since I left Warren back when I was a child. Warren has such a huge hold on me due to the fact that my birth home was there and that was the first place I knew when I was first born. People who live in Warren are used to the horrendous sticky, humid weather that they would constantly get on a daily basis. The winter time is somewhat weird especially because snow is not a usual thing everywhere however, it comes naturally to the civilians in Warren. Personally, I feel like since I like to represent my hometown and make it feel and look amazing to the eyes of other people. We always like to show the beautiful parts of the area were talking about we feel the need to make ourselves or that place look amazing. I will always remember the pretty area in Warren there are nice little residential areas and beautiful lakes that you can have a nice family outing. Some things that we are known for is being the importer for General Motors and manufacturing vehicles for the United States of America. So people do not often really think about the State of Michigan because it is not a known place and there is not a lot of things going on there so it is not a popular state however, I like to refer to it as my hometown and I am proud to represent it. So I think that Warren, Michigan will always be my hometown and I will always love it and I really want to visit the city again and remember old memories from when I was younger.