Change Everything Now


A new art form has evolved in the pages of Orion over the last thirty years. Call it the literature of ecological urgency. No longer content to settle for diminutive steps that don’t add up, the authors in this collection are calling for paradigmatic change. Tackling such subjects as corporatism, consumerism, toxic chemicals, even environmentalism itself, these pieces share a common message: if our culture fails to adequately address the challenges of our age, things could get very bad for people and for nature. The Orion essays collected here are not just a call to action, but a call to bold and brave action commensurate with the level of transformation that is required of humanity at this moment in time.

Derrick Jensen
Jeffrey Kaplan
James Howard Kunstler
Winona LaDuke
Bill McKibben
Janisse Ray
Rebecca Solnit
James Gustave Speth
Sandra Steingraber
Curtis White