Spring 2020


Spring 2020 celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day with ten dispatches on hope, despair, and endurance by E.O. Wilson, Pico Iyer, Amy Tan, Lauren Groff, J. Drew Lanham, David Treuer, Samantha Hunt, Elizabeth Kolbert, Elizabeth Rush, and Krista Tippett.

Features in this Issue:

  • Tim DeChristopher and Wendell Berry discuss how to live and love with a dying world;
  • In “This is Rebellion,” former Orion columnist Jay Griffiths returns to raise the alarm against extinction with truth, action, and reckless beauty;
  • Emily Sekine writes about impermanence, unpredictability, and disaster preparedness in Japan;
  • Long-time Orion contributor Gary Paul Nabhan provides an account from the first Earth Day;
  • “Termination” is an excerpt from Louise Erdrich’s forthcoming book The Night Watchman;
  • In “Flight of the Red Knot,” we trace a bird that transcends cultures and also brings them together;
  • “Faces of the Spirit World” reveals how masks connect us with something deeper;
  • Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing and Nils Bubandt swim with crocodiles;
  • Lulu Miller explores life after humans; and Orion Reviews Editor Kerri Arsenault interviews writer Jonathan Lethem about storytelling in a changing world.

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