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Once a point of national pride and identity, America’s infrastructure is showing its age. Even in their heyday, the big infrastructure projects of the past were not always mindful of the communities in which they were built, nor did they reflect or respect the realities of life on a finite planet.

But this is a finite planet, and many communities are imagining new systems and structures for transportation, food, water, waste, energy, and information. In the process, they’re creating new, more beautiful, more resilient public works.

Welcome to Reimagining Infrastructure, a new series from Orion exploring infrastructure solutions for the next generation.




“The Future of Infrastructure,” (July/August 2015)

“Empowered,” by Ginger Strand (May/June 2015)

“City Beautiful,” by James Howard Kunstler (March/April 2015)

“Getting Connected,” by Nancy Scola (January/February 2015)

“Right of Way” (November/December 2014)

“The New Commute,” by Mark Svenvold (September/October 2014)

“Local Color,” by Peter Brewitt (May/June & July/August 2014)

“The City and the Sea,” by Meera Subramanian (March/April 2014)

“Greening Greensburg” (January/February 2014)

“From Farm to Table,” by Rowan Jacobsen (November/December 2013)

“The Art of Infrastructure” (September/October 2013)

“Water Works,” by Cynthia Barnett (July/August 2013)





An audio slide show from “The Future of Infrastructure”

An audio slide show from “Empowered”

An audio slide show from “City Beautiful”

An audio slide show from “Right of Way”

An audio slide show from “The New Commute”

An audio slide show from “Local Color”

An audio slide show from “The City and the Sea”

An audio slide show from “Greening Greensburg”

An audio slide show from “From Farm to Table”

A slide show from “The Art of Infrastructure”

An audio slide show from “Water Works”





“When the train lets its whistle go,” by Jaimien Delp

“Beehive Huts,” by Betsy Sholl

“The Power of Cuba,” by Betsy Sholl

“John Street Watershed,” by Janice N. Harrington

“Electrification,” by Rose McLarney

“Bridge,” by Jeffrey Harrison


Concrete Progress



A web-only series from Peter Brewitt


Editor’s Preamble



H. Emerson Blake’s introduction to the July/August 2013 issue of Orion





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