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Dear Reader,

“Spring is made of solid, fourteen-karat gratitude, the reward for the long wait. Every religious tradition from the northern hemisphere honors some form of April hallelujah, for this is the season of exquisite redemption, a slam-bang return to joy after a season of cold second thoughts…”

I wrote that more than ten springs ago in a book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but the words feel truer to me every year. The long dark followed by the wondrous, reliable return of the light: that’s the soul of my own path through life, challenge and redemption held in balance by the natural world. That’s more or less my religion.

I love Orion magazine because it’s a community of people who understand what I mean by that, whatever their own spiritual path may be. In a coldly partisan world, Orion offers the wonderful safety of kindred spirits. In every issue I find stories that feed both my brain and my soul, balancing honest environmental journalism with the kinds of observation and poetry that help me live with a sense of wonder. I always feel better after I’ve spent time with people who find joy and solace in nature, even as we worry and want to stay informed about climate disasters. I believe outrage is a disease, unless you can turn it into an engine. The stories I read in Orion fuel my engine, helping me focus my anger into useful thoughts about how I want to live ethically on this planet. And also, always, they help me remember the why of it all – the fact that I love this earth with my whole heart, want to know it better, and will give everything I can to help keep it intact.

Over and over, Orion reminds me I’m not alone. There are lots and lots of people who care as much as I do. People like you. We need to stay in a conversation that helps us make our choices about how we’ll live on this planet, and hold onto our hopes for its future. This is the work of Orion.

When you donate, you help Orion invite more people into this important conversation. You break through isolation. You collaborate with like-minded readers who are sorting out compassionate answers to pressing environmental worries. You meet great storytellers whose thoughtful imaginings about the future invigorate the decision-making of today. But writers are only half the conversation – the other half is you. It takes all of us together to figure out how to live in a complex, challenging world.

Orion needs donations because subscriptions aren’t enough. Every time a subscription is purchased or renewed, Orion has to secure another $92 to cover its full cost. In other words, annual subscriptions should cost $131. Every subscriber is getting a serious discount. It only works because of the extra generosity of supporters. I think Orion’s work is really important. So I’m here asking you – me, Barbara, who hates asking, or stumping, or anything like that, who could not even bear as a child to sell Girl Scout cookies to her neighbors – I’m asking you to pitch in. I’d like you to be a valued partner in the literary, environmental, and social justice world by supporting the publication of Orion.

Please give what you can. Everything helps. Your best gift will go a long way. You already know the publishing environment in this country is incredibly hard, especially for independent magazines, writers, and journalists. Your support helps carry Orion’s mission deeper into the world, and that means so many good things: Mentoring emerging writers. Bringing Orion into prisons, Title 1 schools, and libraries at low cost or at no cost at all. Keeping the conversation going, helping each of us in our own way to find that springtime hallelujah after the long dark.

Please donate generously so Orion can keep up its good work, inspiring readers to live on earth sustainably, in justice and in joy.






Barbara Kingsolver
Orion contributor

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