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A Moment with Wheatgrass

This is an excerpt from Regenesis by George Monbiot. While I was researching this chapter, the doorbell rang. Deliveries are usually an annoying distraction. But when I saw what the man Continue reading

What Counts as Seeing

Alice Wong: I’ve been thinking a lot about the titles of your books, An Immense World and I Contain Multitudes, because I think most humans don’t really realize how interdependent we Continue reading

Anatomy of a Wave: A Triptych

  ONE. Imagine a wave. In your mind’s eye.  We like to imagine—in our humanness—waves as traveling water bodies. But that isn’t quite accurate. Waves are kinetic energy from vibrating water Continue reading

The Age of Stolen Salt

Salt is an ancestor. Older than ocean, old as stars. Salt flows through your saltwater body even now like blood, as blood. Salt is nonnegotiable, necessary for the working of every Continue reading

The Age of Acceleration

Wherever you train your attention for long enough, boundaries dissolve. And yet, if we define, as Earth systems scientists do, geological eras as stretches of time whose material markers trace through Continue reading