The Nature of Love

**COMING SOON: Preorder Earthly Love by February 1, 2020.**

What’s the nature of love? What does love mean in the age of climate change? Does love still matter? Orion magazine is bringing together over two dozen writers in a new book of love stories to explore these questions and to illuminate what it means to be a human in love in the Anthropocene.

A combination of new work and work from the Orion archive, the book will include both poetry and prose on such subjects as making declarations, going to weddings, touching hands for the first time, eating the ten-thousandth meal together, queering nature, hunting, coming out, breaking up, reading the personal ads, sharing apples, salt, and blackberries, slug sex, and a whole bunch more. From such writers as Alex Carr Johnson, Teddy Macker, Kathleen Dean Moore, Laurel Nakanishi, Nick Neely, Jill Sisson Quinn, Scott Russell Sanders, and Katrina Vandenberg.

Published in time for Valentine’s Day 2020, the book will be a 150-page, high-quality, hard-cover edition printed on FSC-certified paper with vegetable-based ink. Our Kickstarter campaign successfully raised over $20,000 for Orion’s love book. Still interested in contributing? Click the button below: