19 Women for the 19th Amendment

To honor the 100th anniversary of the U.S ratification of the 19th Amendment — which guaranteed women the right to vote — we’ve curated 19 of our favorite Orion articles written by women. ​

The Land Has Memory by Priscilla Solis Ybarra and Cherríe Moraga (Winter 2019)

A discussion on Latinx identity and intersectional environmentalism.

Women and Standing Rock, introduction by Layli Long Soldier (35th Anniversary Issue)  

Where does the body end and sacred nature begin?

  10 Skills to Hone for a Post-Oil Future by Ana Maria Spagna (May/June 2013 issue)
Speaking of Nature by Robin Wall Kimmerer (March/April 2017)
Finding language that reveals our kinship with the natural world.
7 Gentle Ways to Use a Broom in Spring by Lyanda Lynn Haupt (March/April 2015)

  Gods Among Us by Terry Tempest Williams (Autumn 2019)

Humanity is not the center of the universe but part of an expanding, contracting, and uncertain future.

The Fracking of Rachel Carson by Sandra Steingraber (September/October 2012)

Fifty years ago a book changed the way we think about nature—or did it?


Exposedby Jennifer Lunden (September/October 2013) 

The mammogram myth and the pinkwashing of America.

  One but Not the Same by Leah Tyus (Autumn 2019)

Racial microaggressions in the backcountry. 

Waste Land, Promised Land by Kimberly Meyer (Spring 2018)

Refugee farmers replant home in post-hurricane Houston.
Where It Begins by Barbara Kingsolver (November/December 2013)

Knitting as a creation story.

Fear Itself by Melanie Challenger (Spring 2018)

The biological and cultural origins of being scared.

Dear Mr. Abbey by Amy Irvine (Autumn 2018)

Twibuke by Terry Tempest Williams (September/October 2008)

Beauty and healing amid the shards of Rwanda. 
Uncommon Gratitude by Trebbe Johnson (July/August 2015)

On giving thanks to wounded places. 

In Real Life by Carmella de los Angeles Guiol (Summer 2018)

The question of connection in the digital world. 
Sunrise on the Medicine Wheel by Elizabeth Dodd (May/June 2008)

Change is no stranger to this place we call home. 

Deep Intellect by Sy Montgomery (November/December 2011) 

When you gaze into the eye of a giant octopus, don’t underestimate what’s going on inside that big, squishy head.


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This is a collection of Orion Staff contributions.