The McKenzie River’s half in shade, half molten silver and today, in the shallow water, a single salmon, has made it back to where she began, her scintillant body that moves Continue reading

Morning Light

Every morning  the good news   pours    through the field touching  every blossom   every stem    and each of them, on the instant  offers to be part of it—   offers to lift and Continue reading

A Fresh Vision

One of the new vintage hankies is so delicate—linen lawn printed with blowsy ocher flowers, in them many black anthers—anemones—and with lining-of-the-body’s-openings bright pinks, and with lilies of the valley, turquoise Continue reading

Happy End

Shh! Rise and be quick about it. Gather your things. Brother, sister: You were older but I was the strong one, humming one leg, two, now socks, now shoes— all our Continue reading

Dear May Eighth

Why was the last kiss May seventhAnd so shy? Your tongue was skittish. Your clavicle—Door- bolt, little key,Tendril—Was the world’s cross-tree—Your collar bone was hot snow to touch. I wanted to Continue reading