Top 10 Most-Read Articles (so far) of 2021


NOW THAT WE’VE successfully shuffled into the second half of the year, here’s a look at our ten most-viewed Orion features so far in 2021, published within the last year. Be sure and subscribe, renew, gift a subscription, or donate to support Orion.



10. Upriver by Rebecca Altman | Photography by Ansel Adams (Summer 2021)
A researcher traces the legacy of plastics.



9. A Uniquely American Animal by Natalie Rose Richardson (Winter 2020)
How the rattlesnake became the symbol of a violent nation.


8. Writers & Artists on the Influence of Barry Lopez (Winter 2020)
Over twenty writers, editors, naturalists, and musicians pay tribute to the life and legacy of Barry Lopez.



7. Woman in the Woods by Sandra Steingraber (Summer 2021)
A study of does and other female creatures.



6. Out of Breath by Tishani Doshi (Spring 2021)
Oxygen as currency in India’s COVID crisis.



5. Nature of Plastics by Meera Subramanian (Spring 2021)
Explorations at the edge of the artificial.



4. 9 Rules for the Woke Birdwatcher by J. Drew Lanham (Winter 2020)
A follow-up to Lanham’s 9 Rules for the Black Birdwatcher.



3. The Ecological Imagination of Hayao Miyazaki by Isaac Yuen
A multimedia retrospective on four fantastical worlds, from Japan’s most celebrated animator.



2. Hummingbirds and Ecstatic Moment by Jeff VanderMeer (Spring 2021)
A potent interaction with a pair of hummingbirds changes the author’s life forever.



1. Spark Bird by Emily Raboteau (Spring 2021)
Bearing witness to New York’s endangered species.



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