A Moment in Nature

It is a fundamental Orion belief that nature connects us, and we’ve published many articles about that personal connection to nature over the years.

by Chris Dombrowski
A father grasps at the nature of wonder.

The Air Aware
by David Abram
Mind and mood on a breathing planet.

He Sets Me in the Stream
by David James Duncan
A short story.

Sea Stars: A Galaxy at Our Feet
by Barbara Hurd
Beholding a miracle as the world grinds the living into debris.

Mind in the Forest
by Scott Russell Sanders
An intimate encounter with really old trees.

A Window
by Hank Lentfer
Connecting to the world.

Ladder to the Pleiades
by Michael Branch
Wishing for a ladder tall enough to reach the stars…

Gathering Indigo
by Aleria Jensen
Gratitude in the muskeg.

Deep Intellect
by Sy Montgomery
Inside the mind of an octopus.