Photos by Lindsey Rickert // Titles from left to right: "Heather and Flowers", "Artichoke", and "Botanicals"

8 Botanical Artists to Watch

Stunning depictions of flowers through the eyes of 8 different artists

TO ROUND OUT FLOWER WEEK, we present you with a gallery of botanical art. The works below capture, preserve, impress, re-create, manipulate, and wonder at the influence of petals, stems, and color.

Martin Gregus Jr

A photographer camps in the Arctic and finds a polar bear family with the same idea

Photos by Martin Gregus Jr.

Barbara Cole

Painterly photos of flowers seen through water

Photos by Barbara Cole, titles from left to right: “Amilie” and “Dorthea”

Hannah Bullen-Ryner

A land artist’s forages finds the promise of birds in foraged flowers

Arrangemnet and images by Hannah Bullen-Ryner

Yulia Artemyeva

The botany of ballet

Photos by Yulia Artemyeva

Makoto Azuma

Bouquets preserved in blocks of ice


Rachel Dein

Bas relief tiles re-create a moment in a garden

Reliefs by Rachel Dein, titles from left to right: “Summer Crocosmia” and “August Wedding”

Lindsey Rickert

Familiar faces in new light

Photos by Lindsey Rickert, titles from left to right: “Pitcher Plant 2” and “Dahlias”

Robert Peek

Fog, smoke, and mystery

Photos by Robert Peek, titles from left to right: “Flowerpower Blue II” and “Flower 21”


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