Jason Davis

Jason Davis is a musician, environmental educator, and leader of the environmental sound/improvisation ensemble Earthsound. He was a 2014 fellow with EE Capacity’s Community Climate Change Education Fellowship, for which he began developing Climate Stories Project. Jason holds a doctorate in music from McGill University in Montreal. He has master’s degrees in Music and Ecology, and has published research about the changing relationship between local communities and protected areas around Monteverde, Costa Rica. Jason was inspired to create Climate Stories Project from listening to Different Trains by composer Steve Reich, a piece which uses recorded interviews to explore the very different experiences of people traveling by train in the US and in Europe during World War II. Jason’s goal is to create a “living artistic documentary” that engages audiences to share and listen to personal responses to climate change.

blog post

Music for a Changing Climate

OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS, for my storytelling initiative Climate Stories Project, I’ve had the privilege of listening to people from around the world share their personal stories about the climate Continue reading