Gypsy Moths, or Beloved

tremor in the walnut grove,
stand of near emptiness where I once stood,
demolished, hooked
unto a sorrow as the moths
belong now to these branches, the smoke
and burn of twilight,

the dreamers aroused,
unbound from their nest, wings unfurling walnut
tree-patterns, adult colors —
bronze and gray of decay, although
they are newly born.

This is the why and the way
of how I love them: savoring the end-
of-summer’s diminishing hours, unafraid
of the coming dark, enthralled by the applause
of bodies caught like hatchets
in the bark.

Paula Bohince is the author of a poetry collection, Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods. She has received the Amy Clampitt Resident Fellowship and lives in Greenburg, Pennsylvania.