Orion Anniversary Issue Bundle


For the first time, Orion is offering two of its anniversary issues in a bundle.

What’s Inside:

Orion‘s 35th Anniversary Issue: Nature and Culture at a Turning Point

This special 35th Anniversary Issue of Orion explores the turning points—both personal and global—at which we realize we must change our lives.

Orion‘s 40th Anniversary Issue: The Name of Time: Forty Origin Stories for the Anthropocene

Orion‘s 40th Anniversary Issue breaks the mold with 40 works of writing and 40 illustrations examining just one question: when did the Anthropocene begin?

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This special 35th Anniversary Issue of Orion explores the turning points—both personal and global—at which we realize we must change our lives.

Kathleen Dean Moore interviews five ordinary people who put everything on the line to shut off the Keystone Pipeline; Fred Bahnson explores faith, climate change, and courage in the Anthropocene; Barrett Swanson profiles an Iraq War veteran who runs an organic farm for fellow veterans; and eight Native authors offer poetry, prose, and photographs in a special twenty-four-page section, “Women and Standing Rock.”

Also featuring three stunning art portfolios by Meghann Riepenhoff, Isabella Kirkland, and the Endangered Species Print Project.

And poetry by Erica Dawson, Anne Haven McDonnell, and Todd Davis, plus a special broadside featuring a poem by Kim Stafford and original illustration by Davis Te Selle.

In 1982, Orion published its first periodical. Now, we’re celebrating four decades of publishing by giving you a gift: our special 40th anniversary issue.

This issue, designed as a collectible, is a little different. To make it, we gave 40 writers and 40 artists the same prompt: when did the Anthropocene—the age of time defined by man’s imprint on planet Earth—begin?

Their answers, marked by 40 short essays adorned with 40 stunning illustrations, will blow you away. Featuring work from the likes of: Lulu Miller, Amy Irvine, Barry Lopez, Barbara Kingsolver, Martin Shaw, and many, many more.

Special thanks to NRDC for their generous funding of this issue.