Patriotism and the American Land


By Richard Nelson, Barry Lopez, and Terry Tempest Williams

“Patriots for the American Land” by Richard Nelson

“The Naturalist” by Barry Lopez

“One Patriot” by Terry Tempest Williams

Terrorism. Homeland Security. Patriotism. Since September 11, 2001, these terms have emerged as a fundamental part of our cultural lexicon, with their unspoken assumptions and attendant emotions being used to inspire and buttress a varied set of cultural, political, and military responses to the events of that tragic day. In the months since that seminal moment in our nation’s history, like most Americans we have been deeply immersed in a process of reflection and an ongoing review of the words and actions of our leaders, our media, and our fellow citizens. On numerous occasions and in different contexts we have been moved to ask the following questions. What is terrorism? What does a secure homeland really look like? Who is a patriot? The three essays in Patriotism and the American Land attempt to address these questions.

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