Animals & People, a New Book from Orion

Looking for a thoughtful gift for the animal lovers in your family? Look no further than Animals & People, the newest collection of essays from Orion.

Featuring a foreword by Jane Goodall, the essays in Animals & People capture the joy, anguish, and complexity of our relationships with animals, be they pets or wild creatures. To quote Jane:

For some people, animals are simply ‘things’ that can be owned, studied, killed, eaten. For others they are companions to be loved—though they may be ‘loved’ in the wrong way, like the songbird in a cage, the little dog carried around, dressed in jacket and bows. For still others, animals are a way to reconnect with nature, a doorway to our innermost animal selves. Animals & People…explores the whole contradictory, tragic, joyous, brutal, loving, and often puzzling nature of these relationships.

Animals & People features some of Orion’s most-loved contributors, including Amy Leach, David Gessner, Sy Montgomery, Brian Doyle, Mary Oliver, and many others. Walk with them as they follow pelicans out to the shoreline, coyotes through the urban jungle, and octopuses (or, if you must, octopi) into the watery depths.

Indulge your “sheer goofy wonder” of our non-human neighbors with Animals & Peoplepick up your copy today!


  1. People ARE animals — but other than the slightly irksome title, this book looks awesome!

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