Urban Agriculture: Growing More Than Broccoli

Can our cities grow health? How about community, or justice? Orion welcomed Jennifer Cockrall-King (author of Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution) and urban farmers Jason Mark, Katherine Kelly, and Karen Washington to discuss the urban farming movement’s “principal crops,” which, as Rebecca Solnit says in her July/August 2012 Orion essay, “Revolutionary Plots,” go far beyond broccoli.


  1. The simple thing is that urban agriculture is highly adaptable the situation at hand. As well, it is true that food, especially in the urban context is about much more than food – community, economics, class, culture, health, safety…

    Nice interview.

  2. Citys need to be less dense. Every city should have green fields and parks. And to produce food local should be in everyones interest.

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