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8 Botanical Artists to Watch

TO ROUND OUT FLOWER WEEK, we present you with a gallery of botanical art. The works below capture, preserve, impress, re-create, manipulate, and wonder at the influence of petals, stems, and Continue reading

A person in red sprays perfume on their wrist. Next to them are images of the zoologist perfumes

Eau de Animale

IN 2013, VICTOR WONG STARTED ZOOLOGIST,  a perfume company driven by endless curiosity about the experience of our animal peers. In the past decade they’ve released over twenty scents designed not Continue reading

A copy of A Forest Journey sits on a wooden table

How Trees Changed the World

This excerpt is from A Forest Journey: The Role of Trees in the Fate of Civilization. Buch der Weisheit, Ulm, 1483  ASTRONOMERS, FOR THE LONGEST TIME, regarded Venus as the planet Continue reading