Place Where You Live:

Alton, Illinois

Alton, Illinois has been my home town since 2000. I was born here inAlton Memorial Hospital sixteen years ago. Not a very special place to visit but it has always been home to me. From the myth of The Piasa Bird to the tallest man in the world- Robert Wadlow, Alton is just a small town in Illinois. The Piasa Bird is painted on the side of the bluffs on the river road coasting along the Mississippi River. It is a beautiful scene. Robert Wadlow, the giant at 8 ft 11 inches and 490 lbs, and wearing a size 37 shoe, was born here in Alton. Illinois is the only state to have a river that flows backwards. We are also the first state to ratify the 13th amendment. Even though Alton, Illinois is known for being one of the most haunted cities in the United States, it will always be my home. I wouldn’t want to be raised in any other city.