Place Where You Live:

South Londonderry, Vermont

Lone tree against rolling hills
Photo by Thomas Dils

I have run barefoot throughout the Green mountains. The weeping hemlocks have shielded me throughout my growth. The tall strong maples have yielded delicious sap. I have danced with the macro-invertebrates in every river. And isn’t it fun to bomb down a snow covered mountain.

Born and raised here, I feel as strong as the granitic landscape, as strong as a moose hidden deep in a haze of green leaves. I have spent many summers suckling on red clover flowers, as if to taste the glorious days of summer. I have spent whole days making dandelion crowns. To dig my feet into the soil is to be connected with it. I have burrowed my feet in the soils of South Londonderry for nearly my whole life. I’ve seen the lone cow in the pasture. But here you are never truly alone. There are billions of creatures beside you.

How lucky am I to live in this ever vibrant place.