Place Where You Live:

Beaumont, California

I couldn't wait to leave

Beaumont is a place that if you blink once you miss the entire town. In the summer it would be too hot to do anything. In the winter it would be too cold to do anything. Every day it had felt the same. I was living on repeat. I go to school. I go to work. I wake up and repeat. Everyone wants to leave, but hardly anyone does.

The “hangout spot” for everyone in the high school and middle school was a tiny Starbucks because there was no where else to go. The closest mall was a few towns away. The closest movie theater was a town away, but only showed two or three movies. If you went to a store, it was almost be guaranteed that you would see someone you recognize. Beaumont could be the definition of a small town.

I left this little town as fast as I could. I was so mad that hardly any of my friends ran with me. Until a year passes by, I had finally understood. Beaumont is absolutely beautiful. I went home for the summer to ease my homesickness. Yes, there isn’t anything to do for fun, but it is very scenic. There are gorgeous trees everywhere you go, mountains that surround a majority of the town and sunsets you can’t forget. One thing I had forgotten was what the town is like at night. The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot and with a light cool breeze. I looked up and not a single cloud in the sky. There were only millions of bright glowing stars and a big full moon. I could have laid in the grass all night just watching the sky. However, my favorite part of the night is the silence. When it reaches about midnight, the town settles into a sleepy silence. A lot of people would be creeped out by that, but me? That just means that I’m home.