Place Where You Live:

Camarillo, California

Old Town: The Heart of Camarillo

Camarillo, California: “Where’s that?” Is the most common question I get asked. I often reply with, “It’s about an hour away from Los Angeles” and suddenly everyone knows where it is. As boring as it may seem I’ve managed to not get tired of this place for the past 18 years. No matter where in the world I go I love coming home to the slower pace, less traffic, beautiful weather, small town called Camarillo. I love being able to stand outside and look out into the distance and see the beautiful view of the mountains, mainly because the weather is so perfect. It never gets hotter than 95 degrees and colder than 65 degrees. It’s safe to say that Camarillo does not have seasons. It almost feels as if it’s spring year around.

Not only is the weather great but I’m blessed to say that I am surrounded by people who love me and care about me. Not a day goes by that I am out and about and I don’t see at least one person that I know or knows me. I remember growing up and having to second guess anything I did with my friends because I knew that one way or another someone that knew my mom would be around to tell her where I was and who I was with. Growing up I hated it but now I am thankful for it because they all just had my best interest in mind.

But Camarillo is not as small as it seems, I for sure do not know everyone who lives here but I’m lucky to say that everyone here is so nice and friendly. It makes it seem as if we know each other even if we’re meeting for the first time. But my favorite part about my home is all of the family owned restaurants. The ones that make you feel like grandma is in the kitchen cooking everything herself. The food is great but the vibe you feel is even better. It reminds you of how friendly everyone is here in Camarillo. Camarillo, California is my home. It holds many memories and many things and people that I love and I don’t think that I would trade this place for anything.