Place Where You Live:

Fort Worth, Texas

The greatest 24-hour rainfall in the world is about 72 inches, but the greatest 24-hour rainfall in the U.S. is 43; guess what state had that? None other than, Texas the state that most people assume is dull, dry and always hot, but actually has many weather patterns. I only lived in Texas for three years, but in that time there was always something to do like: Rodeo, and horse racing. I lived in Fort Worth for my stay in Texas and in one year we even got over 12 inches of snow.
My favorite thing to do was watching horse races. A horse race is just as it special riders called “jockeys” race horses around a huge track that is about a mile long. The track doesn’t extend out for a whole mile, but instead is a big loop that is equivalent to a mile. The sound of the massive horse hooves clobbering the muddy track, and the feel of tension rising from the rider and horse as they go neck and neck against other competitors for the lead.

Rodeos can be weekly contests in which a number of separate activities would take place and the winners from each activity receive a prize. The main activities in the rodeo were bull riding, bronco riding, and cattle roping. Bull riding was the most exciting event. Men would try to ride on the back of angry bull competing for the best time. Bronco riding incorporates the same concept as bull riding, except they ride wild horses instead of bulls.

Spring, summer, and fall are mostly warm and sunny all the time, but winter is an entirely different situation. In the winter it may be sunny, cloudy, raining, snowing, or even hailing. These weather changes can also happen from one day to the next. It can be eighty degrees and sunny on Monday to a thunderstorm, with a slight chance of hail on Tuesday. But, if you ever do go to Texas make sure to check out the horse races and the rodeo, because without those you aren’t truly experiencing Texas.