Place Where You Live:

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Over the year my spot has changed and I always say that, but it’s true. From grass, to leaves, to snow, and back to flowers, it’s changed. I remember when I first came to my spot. It wasn’t snazzy, but it was peaceful. It looked like it does now only more light. In fall, the leaves were changing colors and some were falling to the ground. I felt warm with the leaves on my head. It’s changed. In winter, I I was cold and had to sit on the snow. The leaves were covered under the snow where the grass used to grow. It’s changed. In the sprouting of spring, I heard the birds chirp and the bees buzz. The leaves were growing and the flowers were blooming, and the grass was soft and green. It’s changed. I love my special spot because I always will remember that no matter how much something changes, you’ll always have that special feeling of the original. I always have a time where every speck of every human around me explodes and obliterates into nothing… for 20 minutes. My spot is amazing.
Now the real question is… is yours?