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Hyannis Port, Massachusetts

The pier at sunset

Generation after generation, families find their way back to Hyannis Port every summer unable to resist its charm. Hyannis Port may look like any another small Cape Cod town: a tiny post office and convenience store in the middle of a sea of houses, a beach within walking distance, and a harbor crowded with boats. However, everyone who grows up in Hyannis Port knows that the post office and the News Shop mark not only the center of town but also the starting point of the Fourth of July mini-marathon and the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. The beach is cherished not only for its various personalities that surprise us with calm and wavy days but also for its hospitality during beach camp every day, beach picnics every Wednesday, and the beach party on everyone’s favorite night in August. The harbor crowded with boats is not only a regular stop on the Bay Spirit Harbor Tour but also home base for every 8-year-old sailor sweating sunblock and sporting stylish water shoes.

At its core, Hyannis Port is a web of unbreakable bonds between families and friends. It’s a place where you know not only your neighbors but also your neighbors’ children and your neighbors’ grandchildren. The shared experience of summer brings people together inspiring authentic friendships that are rooted in the familiarity and stability of this place. Each morning, we trust that the sun will rise to paint the sky with vibrant splashes of pink and orange. We expect to walk outside and step onto dewy grass. We await the sounds of mourning doves nearby. Each night, we trust that the sun will fall from view and leave behind a sky sprinkled with stars. We look forward to the full moon and assume that it will appear in its regular spot each time. We’ve grown accustomed to the sounds of crickets and appreciate their company late at night on a quiet walk home. We’ve memorized the sounds, smells, and sights of Hyannis Port hoping they will never change.