Place Where You Live:

Portland, Oregon

My Home Away From Home

The place where you live, to many people that’s usually considered your home. But for me, I live in Portland, but I don’t consider it as my home. If anything, Portland is just a home away from home. I moved here in September of 2016 to attend Portland State University to study Electrical Engineering. When I think of what Portland is to me, I think of it as a blank slate, a new experience, a whole new world. The streets are different, the sky is different, the people are different, the smells are different, the stores that I go to our different. It’s such unfamiliar territory which gives me excitement and freedom yet fear and unsteadiness. There were so many feelings that overwhelmed me when I moved to Portland because this was the first time being on my own. My life here in Portland is being a student at PSU, so I don’t really have the luxury of enjoying the view and exploring because I’m usually stuck in my dorm or in the engineering building being swamped with homework, labs, projects, readings, etc. I don’t associate this place with a happy heart because I’ve been completely overwhelmed and stress with the life of a busy college student. But I do believe that if I had a chance to stop and look around and go out and actually explore what Portland has to offer, my feelings of Portland might change. I’ve heard that this is a beautiful city and I believe that it is one too. I just can’t wait for the chance that I actually get to see it with my own eyes. But hopefully the day that I actually get to venture out into Portland, I will see it to be more than just “the place where I go to college” or “the place where I know more stress than anyone else” but more as, HOME.