Place Where You Live:

Rochester, New York

Saint Joseph's House of Hospitality in Rochester, NY

The most enchanting location that Penfield, NY has to offer is a wonderful place called Linear Park. I have spent countless days with friends, family, or just by myself exploring the trails that are only a two-minute walk from my front door. The pathways lead to beautiful scenes, such as a small trickling waterfall, winding wooden bridges standing above the creek, and hidden forts made from branches that sit waiting to be discovered. We would climb up the backside of the sand cliffs, and watch the sunset from the best view we could find so close to home.

Living in the suburbs of Rochester, I’ve been able to see some of the most beautiful parts of the city. When I was younger I loved visiting the Rochester Museum & Science center, admiring strange paintings and sculptures at Artisan Works, and eating kettle corn at the Lilac Festival. As I grew older, some of the less attractive parts of the city were revealed to me. I started volunteering at a homeless shelter with my friend and her family, where I learned about the high percentage of poverty in Rochester. I commute to RIT using public transportation, and during the long journey, I get the chance to see the city in a different light than when I was a kid. I see people sleeping on park benches, and tents peeking out above the highway walls. It’s surprising to see the large amount of poverty in the same city that has such lively places, like the Strong National Museum of Play, where parents pay to take their kids to have fun.

The place where I live has taught me a love of both nature and people. It has given me a perspective where I appreciate what I have and ask myself what more I can do to help others, to make the place where I live better for everyone.