Place Where You Live:

San Fernando Valley, California

The Valley

My friends and I have a favorite phrase: “The Valley sucks!” We often use this as an excuse to stay in and do nothing on the weekends. I am from the San Fernando Valley and my home is a whopping 15-minute (25ish with traffic) drive to Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, Los Angeles. I grew up living near weathermen, Jews, child stars who are no longer children, and the best Mexican food you’ve ever tasted inside the States.
My dad and I love math and science. We regularly explore LA’s museums and when I was in high school I asked him to chaperone my astronomy class field trip to the Griffith Park Observatory because he is cool enough for that. One night around 7 years ago, we went outside at night to look at the lunar eclipse, and we could hardly see it from our house because of the foggy LA air.
The freeways might contribute to that. They are a part of the LA culture. We talk about freeways differently than the rest of the world does. We have one of the worst public transportation systems in the world and there is a history behind that. Car, tire, and oil companies paid politicians to remove trolley and bus systems back in the 60’s. This means we have lived on the long stretch of parking lots also known as the 101, the 405, and the 5 for quite some time now.
This is home. When I land at LAX, I feel an immediate sense of security and connection with the rumbling floors below me. When I’m cruising on the 405 (traffic-free because I’ve figured out of the science of rush hour), I feel stress-free. When I see the palm trees blend with the shops and restaurants on Ventura Blvd. I know that it will take a lot for another city to be this close to my heart.