Place Where You Live:

Shipman, Illinois

Although I have never lived in Shipman myself, it has always felt like home to me. Many of my family lives in the small town of 600 and there’s no town I’ve ever been in that has felt connected as a community like Shipman. My fondest memories of Shipman are on my families property we have across from my grandparents farmhouse. One of my biggest passions to this day is being out in nature and fishing, I love to fish and I have nothing to thank for that other than my family and our family pond. As a child I learned how to fish, hunt, and drive on that property and to this day my friends and I continue to relax on the dock, listen to music, and fish until the sun goes down. Shipman isn’t the place where I live necessarily but no place has ever felt like home to me the way that jumping off that dock and feeling the cold water cool me down on a hot day, some of my greatest memories were made in this town of 600 and it will forever be the place that comes to mind when someone asks about home.