Place Where You Live:

Signal Mountain, TN

My life began here and has seen most of its days here. It is the place I truly call home. The people, the light, the freedom to roam within it and the ability to explore away from it have created the foundation of who I am.

The proximity to my family has been a blessing and one I sometimes take for granted. Holiday hikes, birthday celebrations, watching fireworks and spontaneous playtimes with little ones are just a taste of the wonderful memories I treasure. Joining up with friends to enjoy the mountains and then the culture of the city allows me to embrace the energy of both nature and man that presides within this landscape.

Simple yet savory sunrises and sunsets encompass most days and offer a time to pause and enjoy. The warm glow that creates comfort on even the darkest of days always brings me to a point of appreciation for this place that surrounds me. Soft folding mountains full of tall trees, rocky palisades, creeks, birds, bugs, squirrels, and the Tennessee River set the scene.

The house I live in was built with creativity, patience and love. It welcomes the outside in and invites the insiders out to explore. The woodlands that accompany the house were and still are my playground. As a child, a sense of wonder developed during my safe journeys and I wanted to know more about the rest of the world.

As I grew up, traveling away from this home addressed my adult need for independence and a desire to see in person what I had read about in books. It was during these explorations that I truly recognized the value of my home. My home had given me confidence to pursue my desires, whether it was across the world or in my own backyard.

  I feel very fortunate for the stability this place has offered in the founding of my passion to explore the outdoors. Preservation of this place I call home is a priority so those little ones can share in the creation of their own foundations.