Place Where You Live:

Suffolk, Virginia

Many people have numerous places they have lived at. However, only one is truly their home and defines who they are. Suffolk, Virginia, is my definition of home because it’s where I grew up, and where memories of my family exist.

My definition of home is where family is together and where we create wonderful memories. Having family near you makes life so much easier and exciting. They help with problems we face and will have our backs when needed. Whenever I think about my family it is mainly revolved around our family reunions. I think of the southern mouth watering food cooked by grandma, consisting of mash potatoes, fried chicken, potato salad, and to many more delicious cuisines to list. These events give us time to share hilarious stories and create more memories for the future.

Suffolk is the place where I truly founded out who I am. I created bonds that will last a lifetime through my adolescent years. The memories of my family, friends, and I going out to fairs or just relaxing in our parks will be embedded in my mind forever. Our parks contain picnic areas along with various fields and forest to adventure off into. However, my favorite detail would be the Nansemond River because of the way the water sparkles, and glistens while the sun sets it’s beautiful orange and yellowish rainbow across the sky. The main festival Suffolk has is the “Peanut Fest,” because we are known for Planters Peanuts. The smell of the peanuts, funnel cakes, and other sorts of fried food aroma fills the air. Another attraction to see in Suffolk is the Great Dismal Swamp. The Great Dismal Swamp , consists of wetlands with the wildlife of birds, fish, and other region animals. The humidity that comes off the swamp hits you like a brick wall.

Home is said to be a place where you have grown up at and to my story it is. It has given me the chance to create wonderful friendships and keep generating memories with my family. It is truly my ideal home.