the second time
i was married
it was after three
weeks of drinking
wine chased
by hurricanes she
is so damn hot
i thought i mean
warm & exotic
so damn loving
i said inside the
eye of a storm
light refracts turns
every thing upside
down marriage is
a natural disaster
a speakeasy is
no different than
a watering hole
it propagates the
species because
so much of nature
stays exposed
we cover ourselves
initially love is a test
of vision trying to
love someone in
to loving you
we call this sight
we calm this sight
we call it serenity
carpe diem i do
everything like it
is the first time
when coupled i am
both the night owl
& the plucked fowl
with perfect vision
i can see myself
courting hitched like
talons to a mouse


  1. You have an existential bent…line spacing is perfect…imagery grabs the reader…can still feel those talons.
    I stumbled on this site and am so glad I did. Enjoyed a pre-breakfast journey with you. Very nice poetry

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